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Working on air conditioner

HVAC Equipment Sales and Repair Service in the Halifax Area

Just like your home, your heating and ventilation needs are unique. That's why at Capital Ventilation Limited in Bedford, we stay away from one-shoe-fits-all solutions. You can rely on our experienced technicians to calculate the energy requirements of your space. We'll also suggest proper equipment sizing for optimal temperature and energy savings.

Reliable Technicians at Your Door

Ensuring proper settings and functioning is as important for energy efficiency as the quality of the equipment itself. We can repair and adjust the settings of your appliances, so they work up to their full potential without wasting energy or compromising air quality.

If you suspect that your equipment is not working properly, contact Capital Ventilation Limited, and schedule an inspection or repair.

Upgrading Your HVAC System?

With 25 years of experience,

we'll set your installation straight!

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