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Working on ventilation system

Heating, Cooling and Air Quality System Retailer in Bedford

It's true that heat loss in an air-tight home is kept to the minimum, but it may also negatively impact the air quality in your living space. To make sure your surroundings are fresh, breezy and healthy, we offer a range of products that not only are energy efficient, but also make the air cleaner and reduce the risk of mould building up in your home.

We sell and repair the following:

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Ventilation systems

  • Heating systems

  • Air exchangers

  • Heat recovery

  • Heat pumps

For quality equipment, we rely on these suppliers:

Curb your energy bill and contact Capital Ventilation Limited! We'd be happy to talk about your heating, cooling and air conditioning needs.

Upgrading Your HVAC System?

With 25 years of experience,

we'll set your installation straight!

Dependable Service

Ensure your appliances work

properly for optimal energy savings.

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